Materials and Accessories

Materials & Finishes

Learn about the materials & finishes that Madrax and Thomas Steele offer for their hand-crafted Bike Rack and Site Furnishing products. We discuss the differences between different materials and finish types, as well as when you should use certain finishes and what warranties are associated with each.

Standard Powder Coat Finishes

Standard Hardshell Powder Coat™ colors are shown. Contact Thomas Steele for a complete color chart.

Note: Due to variations in monitors, colors shown may not be an exact match.
Please request color samples from Thomas Steele for accurate color comparisons.

Recycled Plastic Colors


  • Weathered Redwood

    Weathered Redwood (RPW)

  • Cedar

    Cedar (RPC)

Recycled Plastic
High-density polyethylene material (HDPE) made from post-consumer recycled plastic containers. Material is graffiti- and UV-resistant and ideal for outdoor use. Material will not crack or rust.

Embossed Recycled Plastic Colors

  • Birchwood

    Birchwood (ERB)

  • Driftwood Grey

    Driftwood Grey (ERD)

  • Mahogany

    Mahogany (ERM)

  • Walnut

    Walnut (RRW)

Embossed Recycled Plastic: (ER) 
Premium Recycled Plastic with wood grain embossed pattern. Contact our team to confirm availability of Embossed Recycled Plastic material on this product.


  • Ipe



Pronounced "ee-pay," this olive-brown wood weathers to a beautiful silver grey. Three times harder than oak, ipe is the perfect choice for outdoors, where it resists harsh weather, heavy use, and vandalism.


Table Top Options

  • Round Perforated Metal Table Top

    TBL-PM Perforated Metal

  • Round Wood Table Top

    TBL-RP Recycled Plastic

    TBL-WI Ipe

  • Round Metal Table Top

    Standard Powder Coated

    TBL-SS Stainless Steel

  • Square Metal Table Top

    TBL-SQP Powder Coated

    TBL-SQS Stainless Steel

  • Square Wood Table Top

    TBL-SQRP Recycled Plastic

    TBL-SQWI Ipe

Litter Lid Options

  • LID-A

  • LID-F

  • LID-D

  • LID-ED

  • LID-R

  • LID-EA

  • LID-C*

  • LID-CA*

  • LID-CR


  • LID-E



  • *Crown Lids not for use on Carnival, Cunningham, Gramercy or Windsor Receptacles

Item No. Description D"xH" (Wt.)
LID-F Flat Lid 22 x 2 (9)
LID-FSQ Flat Square Lid 22SQ x 2 (11)
LID-CSQ Cover Square Lid 22SQ x 9 (11)
LID-R Recycle Lid 22 x 2 (9)
LID-D Dome Lid 22 x 9 (14)
LID-E Elevated Lid 22 x 11 (10)
LID-A Ash Dome Lid 22 x 9 (15)
LID-ED Elevated Dome Lid 22 x 14 (14)
LID-EA Elevated Ash Dome Lid 22 x 14 (15)
LID-C Crowne Lid 22 x 11 (18)
LID-CA Crowne Ash Lid 22 x 11 (17)
LID-CR Crowne Recycle Lid 22 x 11 (20)
 LID-SPLIT Recycle and Trash Lid with Divided Liner (18)

Hinged Lid Option

Our Hinged Lid Option (HIN-LID) is available on most receptacles.

Hinged Lid

Hinged Lid Option (HIN-LID).

Cast Brass Plaques

We offer personalized memorial and commemorative plaques to help you remember those special people and places in your community. Let us help you create a beautiful dedicatory plaque for your site furnishings.