7 Ways to get a Bigger Bang for your Bench

7 Ways to get a Bigger Bang for your Bench
  1. Provide shade. Benches are not just for people who want to bask in the sun. Take advantage of shady areas.
  2. Be careful about placing wooden benches in a grassy or natural setting where there could be a mowing problem.
  3. Resist the temptation to put benches far off the beaten path. In addition to making it difficult for handicapped patrons to reach, it can also cause mowing problems and may invite graffiti.
  4. Place benches along paved paths. It creates a connection to the path and reduces mowing problems.
  5. Install armrests on benches to deter skateboarders from riding on the surface and scratching the bench’s finish.
  6. Benches with backs provide comfort. If you need to limit the time people spend sitting, use backless benches.
  7. Benches should generally not face the street, except at bus stops. Facing benches towards the street makes them less accessible to pedestrians, and people rarely sit down to watch cars go by.