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If you’re looking for comfortable, durable, and beautiful seating, look to Thomas Steele for a wide selection of handcrafted outdoor benches. Pick the perfect piece for your project from a variety of styles, finishes, and customization options. Browse our current selection of commercial and outdoor park benches, or contact a Thomas Steele site furnishings expert at 608-849-1080 or at with your questions and unique design needs.

*New Ashton™ Pedestal Bench

*New Monona Bench

*New Monona Chair

*New Monona Youth Chair

Arcadia™ Bench

Arcadia™ Flat Bench

Ashton™ Bench

Ashton™ Flat Bench

Ashton™ Ottoman

Aurora™ Backed Benches

Aurora™ Flat Benches

Carnival™ Armless Benches

Carnival™ Armless Flat Benches

Carnival™ Bench II

Carnival™ Benches

Carnival™ Flat Benches

Carnival™ Flat II Benches

Carnival™ Flat II Curved Benches

Cunningham™ Benches

Cunningham™ Flat Benches

Fairway™ Benches

Fairway™ Flat Benches

Genova™ Benches

Genova™ Flat Benches

Gramercy™ Benches

Langdon™ Benches

Langdon™ Flat Benches

Livingston™ Benches

Livingston™ Flat Benches

Lofty™ Bench

Lofty™ Flat Bench

Midvale™ Benches

Modular Seating - Ashton™ Backed

Modular Seating - Ashton™ Flat

Modular Seating - Carnival™ Backed

Modular Seating - Carnival™ Flat

Modular Seating - Cunningham™ Backed

Modular Seating - Cunningham™ Flat

Modular Seating - Gramercy™ Backed

Modular Seating - Gramercy™ Flat

Modular Seating - Langdon™ Backed

Modular Seating - Langdon™ Flat

Modular Seating - Lofty™ Backed

Modular Seating - Lofty™ Flat

Modular Seating - State Street™ Backed

Modular Seating - State Street™ Flat

Modular Seating - Volare™ Backed

Modular Seating - Volare™ Flat

Modular Tables

Nakoma™ Backed Benches

Nakoma™ Flat Benches

Somers™ Backed Benches

Somers™ Flat Benches

Walden™ Bench II

Walden™ Benches

Walden™ Benches Circle Ends

Walden™ Flat Bench II

Walden™ Flat Benches

Walden™ Flat Benches Circle Ends

Waldorf™ Benches


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